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Ramadan Evening 2017

Al-Anma Real Estate Company held a Ramadan evening in the presence of the Chairman of the Board Mr. Saleh Turki Al-Khamis, the CEO Mr. Abdul Aziz Mutlaq Al-Osaimi, his assistants and directors of the company and a large number of employees of the company.

Mr. Abdul Mutlaq Al Osaimi welcomed the audience through a
speech and explained the keenness of the company to establish this occasion in
this holy month for its importance and because it works to bring the employees
Sulaiman Al Mudhaf, Assistant Chief Executive Officer of the Financial and
of the company from different departments together as one family. Mr. Tarek Administrative Sector, said that the company's employees are reassuring of the
activities and activities that contribute to bringing the employees closer to
human values ​​that encourage rapprochement and affection. He pointed out the commitment to social responsibility and the importance of initiating many the success of the company. During the ceremony held at the Holiday Inn Hotel,
conversations and enjoyed a distinctive Ramadan atmosphere.
awards were given to outstanding employees and the audience exchanged


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