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The sale of 12 housing vouchers in Al-Fanatis in 45 minutes

Friday 10/7/2016 The sale of 12 housing vouchers in Al-Fanatis in 45 minutes  2.8 million dinars proceeds of the auction «development» for vouchers in Alnnatis 4 The residential real estate auction organized by Al-Enma witnessed the sale of 12 vouchers in 20 out of 20 vouchers offered for sale, worth 2.82 million dinars from a total of 3.22 million dinars, while no one offered to buy 8 coupons.

The auction witnessed a large competition in 4 sections, which led to the sale of the prices of more than 10.2 to 16.3% of the initial price of the auction, as characterized by these vouchers sites, while the vouchers that no one to bid on it enjoys the location of one street and spaces up To 500 meters only.

8 vouchers were sold at the initial price at which the auction began, as it received a great deal of bidders participating, and sold a coupon of 500 meters one street internal at a price of 230 thousand dinars, and the same area of ​​one street and a square for 250 thousand dinars, and another coupon of 400 M on an internal street for 220 thousand dinars. And sold a voucher 400 meters one street internal price of 210 thousand dinars, and a voucher on an area of ​​375 square meters for 195 thousand dinars. The auction witnessed the sale of the vouchers of 400 square meters of streets and an internal angle at a price of 266 thousand dinars, while the initial price 245 thousand, and another with the same specifications for 270 thousand dinars. Also sold was an internal corner voucher of 375 square meters worth 260 thousand dinars, while the initial price was 220 thousand dinars, and another land in the region and the same specifications for 256 thousand dinars

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