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2 million auction sales Al-Venetis

auction Al-Enma Real Estate Company obtain
yesterday the amount of 2.045
Million dinars, through sale
Residential coupons offered in
The auction, the number of 6 vouchers,
Located in the Venetis area.
The auction was held in favor
One investor, reached
Increase in real estate prices
Percent, for the primary price
Amounting to 1.880 million dinars,
While the total area
Land 2400 square meters.
Prices of vouchers ranged
Residential between 310 and 411 thousand
JD, where a voucher was sold
The area of ​​400 meters belly and back,
Overlooking a main street add
To a side rail, at a price of 411
Thousand dinars, up from the price
Primary reached 28.4 percent,
Which is 320 thousand, and the price per meter
1028 dinars.


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